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Is the Bull Market Over?

June 7th, 2007 at 09:16 am

Well it looks like the market is on its way to its 3rd straight triple digit loss.

Is this simply a correction like the one we saw in February or is the market trneding towards a long term downturn?

It seems to me at soem point consumer confidence and consumer spending will ahve to fall due to all the gas and housing worries.

People can't continue to artifially inflate the economy by spending money they don't have right?

10 Responses to “Is the Bull Market Over?”

  1. nance Says:

    I'm afraid people will always continue to spend money they don't have because credit cards make it so easy.
    Actually, I think the economy is pretty healthy.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    We are staying busy building houses!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    I think we are looking at another correction. It never fails to bounce back. Either we're being fed crock numbers or people are still spending too much! I have been shocked by the "consumer confidence" numbers, the cost of gas and food just keeps going up, and people just spend more! Amazing!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    We were at a large outlet mall on Sunday. The place was packed and people were buying. I went into one store (Banana Republic) and walked right out. The line for the registers started at the front of the store and snaked all the way through to the back. Even if I had found anything I wanted in there, I wasn't about to wait in that line. My point is that I've seen no sign of the economy slowing. People are shopping and spending as much as ever.

    I think it is a long overdue correction. Since I'm not retiring for 20 more years, I'm not concerned.

  5. Nic Says:

    What exactly is a "market correction?" I always hear this term everytime the stocks take a tumble. It sounds like corporate mumbo jumbo for "I don't really know the reason but I know you want me to say something.

  6. disneysteve Says:

    I think of a "market correction" as the market kind of taking a breather and catching up with what is going on, digesting new economic news, profit reports, inflation data, etc. In a bull market, prices can get way ahead of actual values. Think back to the tech boom a few years back. We all knew that couldn't last. It was healthy for the market for that to end and prices to pull back to more sensible levels.

  7. boomeyers Says:

    True Steve - good explanation.
    Basically, "people" are overbuying at an enormous rate and then there is a big "sell off" to correct the overbuy. What has been amazing to me is that correction doesn't last. There is another "buying feast" that immediately follows the correction.
    Honestly, "I don't know the reason". The stock market has been totally on its own ride lately!

  8. Nic Says:

    I still don't understand the term "correction." It sounds like market bs. I do understand the buying feast when stocks take a tumble...we're scrambling to buy while the price is low. But thanks all for trying to make sense of it for me.

  9. disneysteve Says:

    Nic - Thinks of it this way. If prices get bid up beyond true value of the underlying asset, when those prices drop back in line with values, they have "corrected."

  10. Nic Says:

    disneysteve, I think of it this way...it's all market smoke and mirrors,hype and bs. The term "correction" was probably coined by a Wall St. profiteer who lost a bunch of his/her clients $$$$ and had to come up w/some sort of explanation. Buy low,$ell high is what I understand. But again, thanks for your input eveyone.

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